I have always been passionate about human nature and art. In my entire life, I have strived to bring my contribution and make a difference. I found my road to happiness when I discovered painting. This desire to contribute and to care about people is always alive inside me and it brings a human side to my work. Whether from my creation process or my relationship with those who appreciate my work, I realize that this great gift was predestined and that my future path was already traced.

The evolution of my art tells a story caught in the moment, an everyday life situation, in all its greatness and simplicity. My work reflects the simplicity of hope and the magnificence of creation.

For years, acrylic has been a medium that suits me well. I discovered acrylic after having used the oil technique for 15 years, and it was a revelation. Having been trained in both techniques shows in my work. The oil apprenticeship has left a legacy that has benefited in my acrylic medium.

A controlled colour scheme, bridging older color nuances and a more audacious palette, defines my character which is attached to traditional values but inclined to experience new things. A good command of composition and design, acquired during my graphic arts training, sets a controlled framework where a free and harmonious expression can evolve.

I am seeking to express my vision

My work can provoke emotions of hope, joy or melancholy. As an artist, I want to leave a subjective and emotional expression of my perception, of my living environment and of the landscapes that fascinate me. Moments of pure happiness, visions of nature's beauty or simple human sharing; each second bears a message that I love to convey. Moments of a conversation during the first snowfall or of nostalgia at the end of a beautiful season…my favourite subjects are nature, maritime landscapes and life in relation with nature. With a parallel between a river and human strength, or a country road and a path through life, my vision always straddles two overlapping ideas and the titles of my work often reveal this duality. I want to say that the world is a beautiful and kind place, and that the light always shines, even during the more difficult seasons.

During the development of my creations, I become obsessed with the light that guides me through the process. I wish to bring the observer in the same path and in the same situation that inspired me. If he is inspired, whatever the intensity… I have achieved my goal. This means of expression allows me to give a voice to my life, the life that wishes to express itself. Because I love contrasts and because my personality is direct with no half-measures, the elaboration of my work reflects these opposing visions in many ways: warm and cool colors, light and darkness, numerous contrasts and frequent use of complementary colors. It is important for me to express with strength an emotion which, at other times, could be interpreted with subtlety.

My approach is based alternatively on passion and structure. My art is characterized by a profusion of wide brushstrokes that exist side by side and get organized in a final structure. My work, like a mosaic, reaches its conclusion at the very final stage and can best be appreciated from a distance.

My way of life and my artistic process are similar; filled with passion, doubt, simplicity, hope and faith, and a desire to live and be moved.


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